About Us

Company profile

Founded in 2013, OneCode specialize in cross platform development (hybrid applications running simultaneously on mobile, web and desktop) with a focus on the development of 3D and 2D environments and elements for the gaming industry.

The company’s solutions are based on next generation leading technologies of HTML5 and WebGL. This allows OneCode to offer developers and enterprises solutions that are compatible with all devices and platforms, with long term scalability and compatibility for emerging technologies.

OneCode’s portfolio includes the development of 3D applications and interactive tools including applications, games, education solutions, marketing applications and B2B business tools.

Another expertise of OneCode is the conversion of Flash-based projects to HTML5, using various conversion methods, tools and infrastructure compatible to HTML5 per project (including conversions to WebGL).

 Technologies: HTML5, WebGL, TypeScript, Adobe AIR and PhoneGap (Cordova).

 OneCode solutions:

Based on the company’s leading capabilities and knowledge in next-generation technologies, OneCode offers the following solutions for:

Startups: Complete development lifecycle – from the characterization phase to POC, support and assistance in raising capital, and up to the launch of the finished product.

Software companies: OneCode’s development expertise completes the missing capabilities of software companies, especially in the areas of 3D and advanced interactive.

Organizations: Application development and conversion of Flash-based legacy applications to HTML5.

OneCode Management Team:

Karen Brown-Tsamir, CEO, has a rich background in managing Hi-Tech companies. Brown-Tsamir gained extensive experience in creating new markets, expanding the market share in competitive markets and creating differentiation. Throughout the years, Brown-Tsamir has proved her capability to identify the advanced technologies that can promote a company and  focus on high value activities.

Ronen Tsamir, CTO, is a guru for rich 3D environments development and multimedia engines. Over the last decade, Ronen served as a development manager and technical leader of several companies and startups and as a consultant for companies such as Revolver and Playtika. Tsamir led the development of 3D engines that integrate into the Adobe software.